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Thoughts by Sarah Diot-Girard

PyData London 2022

“Off with their I/Os!” - or how to contain madness by isolating your code

Engulfed in a tedious refactoring of your code, you’re adding the 7th layer of mocks to a test when you realise something must have gone wrong somewhere, but what? You’ve written readable code, split into functions and classes to avoid long chunks of code, and yet, every time, you end up with hardly testable code, a test suite that runs for hours, functions with seventeen arguments, and you wonder if it’s you mocking the code or the code mocking you.

Follow the white rabbit with me to learn about usual problems of code organization and I/O architecture, and some tricks on how to handle I/Os and dependencies isolation. We might encounter a bit of SOLID advice, and maybe even a nice hat!

This talk will help you understand the benefits of good architecture, with a focus on isolating your I/O (inputs/ outputs) and other third-party dependencies, and guide through how to achieve it in practice, from simpler to more complex cases. I will present good practices coming from software engineering, with a focus on applying them to a data science context.